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  • How do I get tattooed by Teresa
    If you are trying to book a tattoo for a convention, please go to the event page and submit your form via that event. If you are looking to inquire generally, please submit your form via the contact page. Also, be sure to follow Teresa on her social media pages, as she will post information regarding appointment openings there as well.
  • I've submitted, what happens next?"
    Teresa will then review the requests that she receives and determine which projects she is interested in taking on. Due to the overwhelming number of requests that Teresa receives, she is unable to respond to every request or to take on every project that is presented to her. In order to continue the growth and evolution of her art, she is looking for project inquiries that spark immediate interest and inspiration. If she is able to take on your project, you will receive an email reply.
  • Is there a way to increase my chances of being tattooed by Teresa?
    Yes. Teresa is more likely to take on a project with fewer restrictions on design and body placement than a project that has very set-in-stone parameters. Bringing her a great general idea will get you noticed more quickly than an inquiry with lots of specifics and things that must be done a certain way. Larger projects and tattoos on clean skin (i.e. not having to work around a lot of other tattoos) will usually receive scheduling priority. For a sure bet, Teresa will also post an annual list of projects she is looking to tattoo that interested folks can contact her to claim. Lastly, Teresa is looking for clients who are dedicated enough to put forth the time and financial investment necessary for them to receive the best possible tattoo.
  • What if Teresa chooses NOT to take on my project?
    Due to time constraints and the overwhelming number of requests she receives, it is possible that Teresa may be unable to take on your project. However, if she thinks a project may be suitable for one of her coworkers or another tattoo artist she knows, she may respond to your email with a referral to another artist. You may also view her coworkers’ portfolios on
  • How much does Teresa charge?
    Teresa generally works on large projects, such as full sleeves or back pieces. To efficiently finish these projects, she generally asks her clients to sit full days at a time. A full day can be anywhere between 5-7 hours of tattoo time including a lunch break. (shop provides client lunch at no extra charge.) Teresa charges a full day rate of $2,000 when tattooing from her home studio in Richmond, Virginia, and she charges a full day rate of $2,500 when tattooing at a convention or doing a guest spot at another shop. A half day is 3-4 hours and half the price (no lunch break). Teresa also takes a $2000 booking fee for large projects in advance in order to confirm an appointment ($500 for half day appointments.) Booking fee is credited towards the project and is deducted from the final session. Clients who schedule large projects will be asked to book at least one full day appointment every other month, or two back-to-back full days every 4 months. If clients fail to book within this requested timeframe, the booking fee will be forfeit and a new one will need to be placed in order to schedule further appointments. No shows or last minute cancellations will also forfeit their booking fee. Exemptions may apply at the artist’s discretion, i.e. in times of serious illness or pregnancy.
  • Where is Teresa Located?
    Teresa tattoos daily at Unkindness Art, located in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Will I see my drawing before my Appointment?
    Teresa does not send out drawings to clients prior to the appointment. All drawings are done for the day of the appointment or drawn directly onto the skin. This does require a lot of trust which is extremely appreciated! Additionally, Teresa does not do drawings for clients who will not be getting tattooed by her. She also asks that you do not take copies of her work to someone else to tattoo.
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